“We're ending the generations of trauma that impact our grandparents, parents and children.”
Dominic Cappello
co-author, Anna, Age Eight
Empower agencies and communities through continuous quality improvement
We are strengthening intergenerational family life and preventing the root causes of elder isolation, abuse and neglect through a data-driven process of continuous quality improvement (CQI).
A significant number of grandparents are actively engaged in raising their grandchildren, requiring vital family-friendly services to ensure the safety and health of all members of an intergenerational family. Our question is simple: if grandparents are taking care of the grandkids, how are communities taking care of the grandparents?

We must ensure that the cycle of trauma ends within intergenerational families. We can prevent adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) and address the untreated trauma of grandparents and parents.

With our huge aging baby boomer population, our older men and women represent sizable populations in most cities and towns. Their health impacts, directly or indirectly, a majority of our families, health organizations, social service agencies and communities. While growing older for some is a time of reinvention and new vistas, others face challenges in the form of lack of stable housing, food, transport, health care, home care and experience elder neglect and abuse.

Many men and women entering what used to be called “retirement age” are far from retirement or winding down. Sixty+ folks are working, starting new ventures, and rethinking priorities—and like everyone else, they require special assistance to thrive.

We’re rethinking what it means to be "older" and building the capacity of communities to offer vital medical and behavioral health care and other key services. Join us in strengthening our social service agencies and making every community a place to find success no matter what age.

The magnitude of challenges facing older adults and intergenerational families requires a data-driven, cross-sector and systemic strategy in every community. Strong state and local leadership is crucial. Contact Us.

Work toward meaningful and measurable outcomes
Our strategies for promoting healthy 60+ lives and preventing gaps in care and services are an investment in continuous quality improvement, collaboration and technology that delivers results.


USE A DATA-DRIVEN FRAMEWORK TO STRENGTHEN SERVICES Our courses, resources and consulting provides your agency with skills in assessment, planning, action and evaluation.


ENGAGE THE PUBLIC AND PARTNERS WITH STORIES THAT INSPIRE + INFORM Our expertise in building strong communication skills will help you message efforts with internal stakeholders and external partners to enhance your ability to promote public forums and generate community dialogue.


PROMOTE POLICIES THAT IMPROVE THE LIVES OF THE 60+ We provide links to data and key resources to give you research-supported best practices in health promotion for the 60+ and the prevention of elder isolation, abuse and neglect.

INNOVATE Get to results.



A Model for Strengthening Key Sectors and Services
The Longevity Leaders program is the nation's first data-driven, cross-sector and systemic strategy focused on promoting the health of older residents and their intergenerational families. Our groundbreaking work in child welfare with the Data Leaders Program demonstrates our capacity to empower all family-focused agencies through a process of continuous quality improvement.


Building on what’s working well
Our program builds capacity to improve services for our most vulnerable populations. We strengthen a community's system of comprehensive care and safety. The program is customized to meet local needs.
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Succeed with technology
Mapping software can identify gaps in vital services as well as where intergenerational family-centered supports and services designed for older populations do exist. Advances in software, data analysis and artificial intelligence are transforming every aspect of society—and can radically improve how we plan a project, create partnerships and track progress.
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Meeting the needs of our older residents and intergenerational families demands a comprehensive and coordinated response. We promote a cross-sector and systemic strategy to create well-resourced communities.

Health Care
Identify your 60+population’s access to medical, dental and mental health care to explore how communities can bring specialized care to older populations working in collaboration with family and friendship circles.
Identify the housing situation of 60+ in your community and explore innovations to meet short and long-term housing needs, including everything from collectives and intentional communities to rapid re-housing for elder abuse survivors.
Identify opportunities to better meet the transportation needs of your 60+ residents, exploring innovations in user-friendly ride sharing, shuttles, safe walking routes to vital services and biking trails.
Identify the nutritional needs of your most vulnerable 60+ residents and explore how communities are ensuring all families of all ages have healthy meals.
Assisted Care
Identify the accessibility of assisted care and home visitor programs and explore ways to build and strengthen the home care support systems. Ensure your most vulnerable residents have the specialized care they need.
Identify opportunities to promote the 60+ investing their time in mentorship programs for youth. Work with local youth mentor programs to link older mentors up with young people in your communities.
Job Training
Identify local training for new jobs and careers as well as employment opportunities. Explore how technology can be used to support job training and placement for the 60+.
Financial Health
Identify the availability of financial planning for older residents and their families and caregivers. Explore how communities ensure all residents have the resources to live long lives of health, meaning and dignity.
Good Will
Identify a wide variety of processes, growing every day, to facilitate end-of-life planning—an important step for adults at all stages of life. Explore local agency, community and faith-based support for those seeking to learn more about an array of options.


TELL USEmail us real-world proven solutions to the challenges older residents and families face. We'll share them with our growing community of Longevity Leaders.

ENGAGE Aim for Excellence


Learn an innovative approach.
Our course, Longevity Leaders: Data-driven Strategies for Older Residents, provides participants with the skills, resources and time to develop local projects focused on community priorities. We provide an overview of the four-step continuous quality improvement (CQI) process: assessment, planning, action and evaluation.
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Invest in a result-focused process.
Our program strengthens agency practice and empowers stakeholders. We tackle a complex problem with a simple process. Get the data. Get to results.
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