Meeting a vital need

In one of the richest countries on the planet, everyone should have access to the vital resources needed to ensure healthy longevity. Yet in some communities, our older residents can face hurdles to leading lives of productivity, meaning and resilience. This becomes an even greater issue to address when we consider how many grandparents are actively involved in raising their grandkids.

Many of our older men and women across the country face huge health and safety challenges requiring an investment in strategies that work to create healthy, safe and community-engaged longevity. For those actively involved in raising their grandchildren, the need to support our older caregivers must become a priority.

Through the application of the continuous quality improvement (CQI) process, we are able to develop local innovations and change initiatives that are data-driven and result-focused to meet the challenges older residents face. We are using all the community-based ingenuity we can muster to devise a strategic, evidence-based prevention and treatment process to ensure that our most vulnerable populations are reached, helped and empowered.

Longevity Leaders is a project of Safety+Success, a socially-engaged strategic planning firm in Seattle. In 2014 Safety+Success developed the Data Leadership and Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI) Program for child welfare with the support and technical assistance of Casey Family Programs. This model, now implemented in New York City, Connecticut and New Mexico, provides the framework for the data-driven Longevity Leaders program. We’re committed to strengthening all communities so that our most vulnerable populations—of all ages—thrive.


In our work with child protective services agencies, often housed next to adult protective services and aging and long-term services, we’ve noticed the critical disconnect between the services needed to effectively prevent health and safety challenges and the services available in our communities. Building strong systems of health for older residents and resilient communities requires identifying these gaps and addressing them with proven strategies and constant attention to quality outcomes.


In response to this critical need, we launched Longevity Leaders to offer a CQI-focused framework for social service and older resident-focused agencies to assess the need and deliver impactful results in their communities.

Our goals are:

  • Raising public awareness of the physical and emotional needs of our older populations
  • Identifying the financial and emotional costs of elder abuse and neglect
  • Ensuring that every community has the resources needed to support healthy longevity
  • Strengthening the capacity of every community to provide vital services that are accessible, affordable and culturally appropriate including: medical care, behavioral health care, home health services, nutritional food, stable housing, transportation, job placement, financial and legal services
  • Providing all community agencies with a data-driven process
  • Introducing community agencies to technology that improves data collection and analysis, training, communication and networking

We promote a comprehensive approach and invite collaboration between researchers, data specialists, trainers, technology experts, program managers and field workers.


The Safety+Success team has designed learning experiences and resources for Casey Family Programs, New Mexico Brain Injury Council, NYC Administration for Children's Services, Connecticut Department of Children and Families, New Mexico Department of Children, Youth and Families, South Carolina Department of Education, National Education Association-Health Information Network, Rhode Island Department of Health, Santa Fe Public Schools, State of New Mexico Office of the Attorney General and the Annie E. Casey Foundation.


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