We can customize the Longevity Leaders program to meet the needs of localities. We follow the four-step continuous quality improvement process of assessment, planning, action and evaluation to ensure successful development and launch of a new program.

Assessment: We work with a new locality to assess the capacity of the agency to implement the program. We secure buy-in from agency leadership, training staff, data specialists and local managers from the field. We identify the priorities of agency leadership to create a menu of course project areas. We also identify who will be part of the local Longevity Leaders coordinating team.

Planning: We review with a local Longevity Leaders coordinating team the entire training process, curriculum, learning management system and all resources. We identify and meet customization needs. We also identify local guest experts, coaches and a training site.

Action: We can, if needed, provide a lead trainer and data specialist, serving as co-facilitators with a local trainer. We model the interactive blended learning process. Our training style focuses on education and empowerment of participants who work as teams on local data-driven projects.

Evaluation: We evaluate each session with web-based post-session surveys and participant comments. We also provide samples of pre- and post-course surveys for both participants and the Longevity Leaders management, teaching and coaching team. Working with the local Longevity Leaders coordinating team, we design a process to evaluate each team project to ensure meaningful and measurable results.


Longevity Leaders can be customized to meet the needs of community partners working in health care, behavioral health care, grandparent support networks, and aging and long-term services.


For more information about the customization process and supporting you step-by-step through development, implementation and evaluation of Longevity Leaders — please contact us.